Please discuss questions here. Everything about C++ and Nana library.



  1. Hello,

    Is there any RTL support?

    thank you,

    • It is not supported now. In my current work, the DIBI language support is not required, and therefore the feature is not considered currently. If the feature is desired, I would schedule it.


  2. thank you for reply,

    there is few implementations of the “Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm”

    best of them are “ICU” and “GNU FriBidi” :

    for example “GTK+” is using “GNU FriBidi”,
    I hope you schedule this feature.

    thank you

  3. I have been searching for a good foundation gui lib to work with and this looks very promising. I have a few questions which would be great to get your opinions on (if you have time of course)!
    1: c++11, not it’s an official standard and with msvc11, clang, gcc et all supporting it, is there any moves toward this ?
    2: Thoughts on using this as part of boost (would save a ton of code and boost/c++ really would benefit form this and this library would benefit from boost critique, as all libs would 🙂 ) [no criticism of this lib which to me looks very good so far]
    3: Availability of svn/git repo (I cannot find this)
    4: Interfaces to osx + mobile platforms, any plans ?

    I would be very interested in helping out and possibly having some dev’s take a look at helping as well. I really like the philosophy you have chosen and with recent c++11 happenings think this could be part of boost and eventually c++ itself if you’re up for the challenge (which is not small).

    Finally, well done this is an amazing lib so far and obviously lots of effort.

    • Thanks for your feedback, in fact, these are problems that I often think about, I have no idea if I get this right.
      1: C++11 is a significant upgrade of C++ and brings many great ideas for very C++ developer, So there’s no reason to refuse it. Now the library supports the lambda for event handling, but it is not a “pure” C++11 library, I plan to create a standalone implementation for C++11 in future, becuase the old compilers are still widely used at present.
      2: Many codes could be saved by using boost, but it is not easy for beginners, and the difficulty of configuration would be increased by the number of individual libraries.
      3: A reasonable demond! 🙂
      4: Yes, but it’s just a plan, the next work is aimed for framebuffer under Linux. It is shorthanded for these plans, the only I can do is make the lib works well now.


  4. Superb, if there is anything I can do please let me know. I would happily set up a github project, use the boost libs (as these are very well peer reviewed) and start with a c++11 conversion. If you are happy with the results then it may help with your library. I have no intention of managing such a project but I would have a bash at a c++11/boost branch for you as a start at least. A lot of the boost things though are now redundant with the c++11 threads/async etc. so perhaps even boost is not really required either (although boost::filesystem and asio are massive an really well tested).

    Anyhow if this interests you I can work on the side and see how it pulls together. Who knows if it was to move towards boost the help/support and probably best c++ advice imaginable would be available to you as well. That can only help everyone I imagine.

    I am not looking to push for any of this though as I am as busy as you probably are for the next few weeks, but I would hope to get some time very soon for such a project.

    • The C++11 conversion is not an easy task, and the library itself is not stabile now, I am afraid that the branchs of library would introduce more repetitive works. I will be very happy if there is someone like to help with the library.


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